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Our step by step photo tutorial of how to cut glass. There are a lot of Youtube videos that show other methods….. Mostly they don't work. We spent weeks sorting out how to do this right. My roomate and I have a journal that we keep titled 'What Did We Learn This Week' (I'll share some of our lessons with you as we carry on.) During the process of sorting the glass cutting out this is what we learned – 'Glass cutting is not as easy as Youtube video implies!' If you wanna try this at home feel free to ask me any questions!!!

Clean Bottles
Start with clean dry bottles that the labels have been removed from.

The scoring
First, using a glass cutter score your bottle at the height you want. Make certain not to overlap your scoring or you will end up with an uneven break

Boiling Water
You will need a pot of boiling water, make sure it its deep enough to submerge your bottle

Ice Water
Alternatly you will need a tub of ice water (be sure to have extra ice on hand this baby needs to stay cold for maximum breakage (technical term)

Dip 1
Dip your bottle to just past the score line in the boiling water (discalimer, use gloves or a hot pad. Don’t burn yourself) Hold the bottle in the water for 15 seconds. (Tip – dip the bottle sealed end down not open end. when the boiling/cold water gets inside the bottle you get too much heat/cold transferance)

Dip 2
After 15 seconds in boiling water dip into the ice water for the same count

The Fracture
You should hear a cracking sound and your score should be a visible fracture now. If it doesn’t happen on the first dip don’t worry. Keep dipping between hot and cold until it happens.

The Break
After just a couple dips your bottle will ‘pop’ in half along the fracture. Be sure to use tongs to remove it from the water particularly if it breaks in the boiling water (I’m sure your common sense filter would have picked up on that, but just in case….)

The Fail
Sometimes things don’t work out 😦 save these pieces though, I’m sure your think of something to make with them. (I’ll post some ideas later)

The Wins
When it does work right you have beautifully cut pieces of glass. But be warned, they sometimes have sharp or jaged edges use caution. From this point you can sand them down by hand or with a sander. I’ll post pics soon of some of our projects! Happy Cutting!

Planter Group
Here are a few of the things we’ve made!