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I’m a clumsy girl. There I said it, mostly to cut you off from making fun of me. Several weeks ago I fell off a step that was……………..wait for it………………. three inches high. My epic three in fall ripped all of the ligaments that suport my kneecap and left me house-bound for the last two months. So, what does a crafty girl with supply of pain killers and nothing but time on her hands do? The (totally) obvious answer is – raid the recycle bin and turn all of our trash into art.

What started out as a way for my roomate and I to entertain ourselves (me) has resulted in a facebook page and now this blog. Armed with pain meds and gumption we have made some really great things.

Follow along as I pontificate about life, love, art, food, photography, drinks, crafts, fashion and more drinks.