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Is there anything more timeless, more nostalgic or more versatile than the Mason Jar? Whether you’re using them as glasses or for storage, decoration or lighting the Mason Jar has more uses than my Pintrest account.

Here are just a few ideas to think about and hundreds more can be found with a quick search through Pintrest or even just a good old fashion Google Search. I’m particularly in Love with some of the ideas on Design Squish and I may turn this project into a combo terrarium/light.

The Mason Jar light might be one of the easiest DIY upcycles I’ve done, and I’ve done a lot.

Here is what you will need:

A Mason or similar jar (I’ve used a Classico Pasta Sauce Jar.) A hammer, nail, hanging light kit with bulb (I got mine at Ikea) gold paint, (In hindsight I should have used spray paint, but I’m a use what you got kinda girl, and I had Gold Acrylic so there ya have it) You will also need, but it isn’t shown, wire cutters and caulk, epoxy or glue. (I used white caulk, again it’s what I had) Click on each image in the gallery bellow to get the steps:

Once the Caulk/Glue/Epoxy dries you can paint the lid what ever color you like. I chose gold because I like the look of it, but black or white would also look nice depending on the space you want to display you light.

And………….. The big finish! Love it!

Hung Up and All Lit Up!

Hung Up and All Lit Up!

I’d love to see and hear about some of your Mason Jar projects. What have you done lately?