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If you’ve been following along the reason I have so much time to make things and post continuously is because I’m a clumsy girl and a lovely little fall has left me on disability for two months now. I’ll be returning to work in a week or so, and I never thought I’d say this but I truly have missed working. That being said but I plan to enjoy this last week off.

So when my besties invited me to spend the weekend sitting by the pool at the house they just bought in Palm Springs I jumped at the opportunity! I’ve been stuck on a couch for way too long. A diversion is just what I needed, that and a tan! Of course I ended up with a sunburn instead. So I’ll be trying these sunburn remedies from pintrest to see which one works. (I’ll post more on that later) Sun burn aside, a Mini Palm Springs Vacay is just what I needed to start off the last week of my recovery.

My friends Will and Kent bought a house in Palm Springs a little over a month ago. It has lovely Mid Century bones, a modern kitchen and an enormous but completely neglected back yard. They have been working for weeks turning the back yard into an oasis and this weekend all the finishing touches were put in. I got to lay in the lovely artificial grass! The perfect task for a girl to sit and enjoy the sun shine during. If you saw the before pics you would be amazed at how much work the boys have put in. Since I don’t have one I’ll try to describe it. Sand, that about sums it up. This entire acre of a back yard was sand and knee high weeds. But they put in a fence, painted all the privacy walls, put down 40 tons of rock and planted trees. Now it looks great.

Aside from the few hours I spent laying down the grass most of my weekend was spent soaking up the sun.

I did spend a little time inside photographing a few of the Mid Century features. I can’t wait to start helping them decorate their house. You know I love a good project, and I’m sure I’ll have some Mid Century inspired projects to post for you all very soon.

One of my favorite things in the house is the quilt! Of course I’m a bit biased as I made the quilt just for Kent. I will never make another one either. I am not a quilter. It took almost a year to complete, but it’s beautiful.

Now here I am back in Long Beach on a drizzly Monday afternoon but it was a great weekend in sunny Palm Springs. Happy Monday bloggers!