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After a weekend in Palm Springs I came home with great memories, a mild hang over and a severe sunburn. Ouch! I couldn’t even wear a shirt, I was resigned to sit upright on the couch with a tube top on. My every move hurt. I have a very dark complection, I’m a natural sun lover and I can’t remember the last time I had a sunburn. It’s been years, ten or more maybe. So the shock of the pain from it was quite a surprise. Desperate for relief I scoured Pintrest for any sign of relief. Lots of things came up, but the most prominent remedy suggestion was tea.

I brewed a batch of very strong black tea, waited for it to cool a bit, got impatient, added ice, soaked a paper towel in my tea and applied to my back. OMG! The relief was instant. Pure and cooling. I replaced my tea soaked towel every so often when ever it got a bit dry and spent the better part of my day doing it. To my immense surprise by evening almost all of the pain and burning was gone. I was able to put a shirt on again! Yay! Before bed I put on a thick layer of Shea Butter and now here it is the next morning and my sunburn is barely any bother at all.

Once again, Pintrest saves the day. Next time I’ll remember sunscreen. As much as I love a DIY the last thing I want to do is turn my skin into leather.