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I’ve decided to take part in this weeks WordPress “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above” The challenge was to photograph something from above that is not normally viewed that way.

With all of the terrariums and planters that we have been making, one of the first things I did when I created my very first terrarium was photograph it from above looking down through the neck of the bottle and I’m really excited that this weeks photo challenge is giving me the opportunity to post those pictures now. For what ever reason the view from the top of these little creations fascinated me. Normally the whole point of a terrarium is to view them from the side, looking directly at them, and yet I’m drawn to the view from above. I am by no means a pro at photography, (all of my blogging pics are actually taken with my cell phone camera) but given my limited skills and my limited equipment I do try to take the best shots that I can.

I hope you like them.

This is My favorite of all the images (it’s also the first one I took)

Here are the other shots I have in my library: