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In the heart of downtown Long Beach in an area called the Arts District sits not only a diamond in the rough, but I would say a diamond in the trash. The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse. Creative Reuse? Whats that you say? Well imagine that you have a project, any project and you need supplies. People in other cities might go to a traditional craft store. But the lucky crafters of Long Beach have another option.

Traditional craft stores with all their packaged supplies and big ticket prices. It’s a bit like heading to McDonalds and wanting a Big Mac knowing full well that you are going to order the McChicken cause your a cheap ass (No I don’t frequent McDonalds, and I’m sure you don’t either, but you know what I mean.) You order the McChicken and then you want fries, not the big ones, not the little ones but a medium size except the medium size is still too big so now you have extra fries………… I digress (and now I need a McChicken)(and maybe some fries.)

Back to crafting…
When you shop at a big box store you end up with packages of things when you only needed one. Higher prices than you wanted to pay and now that awesome project that should have cost $5 bucks has cost $15 and you are left with a craft room overflow that is almost un-containable full of things you say you’ll use again, but who are we kidding? Been there, made that.

Enter the Long Beach Depot.
There are hundreds if not thousand of crafty people just like you all over, now what if you could stop by their houses and get just what you need? A small dab of glitter for that moment when you went insane and though everything looked better in glitter. A single button to finish off that purse you made from an old sweater. Little scraps of leather to attach a handle. The list goes on and on. That is the moment where the Depot for Creative ReUse comes in. All those little scraps of everything you need or want are right there for the taking. All sorted, categorized, and priced at a mere pennies. Honest. I left there today with a bag full of odds and ends, my big price at the register………..$2.54. Yup that’s right. Two dollars and fifty four cents. Not only has the Depot helped to keep me from over-spending and over-buying but on those rare occasion that I do end up at a craft store when I have left overs I can bring them in to help other crafters!

Now, be aware when you go in there it’s gonna take a minute. The store is about the size of a shoe box and to a non-creative person it looks like a store full of organized trash pilled up to the rafters. But give it a minute, start to brows through those bins and you will notice your mind takes off like a shot. All those bobble, odds, ends, fabric scraps, wood pieces, buttons, papers, maps, wine corks etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Even given the small size of the store I’ve been known to spend hours there and I’ve never left without a bag full of crafty treasures.

If you live in the SoCal area and you are crafty by nature I highly recommend a trip to the Depot. It’s mind altering I swear! And if you do go, bring a friend, and bring your imagination!

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