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My roommie Lonnie and I have been looking for a new apartment/house. Today we saw one of the most beautiful homes I could have imagined living in. It’s a Restoration Hardware lovers dream, and we are of course lovers of all things Restoration Hardware that is of course except for the price – DO NOT love that, but we are DIY people so I’m certain we could make some lovely reproductions in the back yard studio of this charming craftsman home.

Now, I have no idea if we will end up getting the house, but ooooooh the interior! The whole thing set my mind skipping down and interior decorating wet dream so I’ve decided to take you, my lovely readers on a little fantasy shopping/decorating trip! Now, I may have gone overboard a bit, but hey that’s what a Fantasy Decorating trip is all about! I have picked way more “Dream Pieces” than the tiny little bungalow could possible hold, but oh the possibilities!

All photos can be found here: (I made a Pinetrest board just for it!)

How would you decorate your dream home?