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I’m a few months too late on this little project, most people force bulbs in the winter to relieve the dreariness of the season, but I live in California and flowers bloom all year round so I’m guessing it’s ok to force indoor bulbs any time of year as well.

I love the look of pear shaped bulbs nestled in a bed of shiny rock, ghostly roots stretched out in clear water below. It’s so serene. So zen like even. Just one look and I have been dreaming of them for years. But finally (no really, FINALLY) I have found the time to try out some bulb forcing for myself.

These are the bulbs we used:

Freesias, Grape Hyacinth and Acidanthera

Since we are all about reclaimed and repurposed creating I of course could not put my bulbs in just any glass container, and following in the theme of ‘who doesn’t love a cocktail?’ I’ve decided to go with a beverage theme for my planting containers.

The planters are a re-purposed wine glass, a sherry glass and a wine bottle that has been cut and sanded into a vase.

All the things I’ve read say that the bulbs need to ‘chill’ in the fridge for several weeks so we did that, now it’s time to sit and wait…………. Hopefully they bloom. I’ll keep you posted!