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The disaster:

I know what your thinking. Your thinking that somehow this disaster was my fault. If you know me well you may even be thinking that I had one too many vodka’s and one too few screws but honestly I had nothing to do with the shelving disaster. It happened long before I moved in.

Once upon a time there was a set of lovely glass shelves hung on this wall with care and once upon a time somebody decided that this was the place to display and store a collection of wine.

Now I wasn’t present when this happened as I said, but I hear that the whole room was ankle-deep in glass and Cabernet. Just thinking about all that lost wine makes me want to cry a bit and the ugly holes in the wall are a daily reminder of all the wine we didn’t drink.

Finally, today was the day to make this eyesore all better. Now, this is a rental and as I said before we are looking for a new home. Our building has sold to a new owner and we know that they will be repainting the walls when we leave. We patched the holes up nice and smooth, but spending money on paint and painting supplies just seemed like more waste. So, what to do? How to live our remaining time here without having to look at those holes or spend much money?

And right about now a little light bulb (you know how fond of them I am) went off over my head. Lets cover the wall with fabric! But fabric doesn’t come in widths big enough to cover the wall space and buying mass yardage would bring the price right back up. So, what to do?

Head to Wal-Mart (for shame I know) and buy a lovely $6 sheet! Perfect!

Now the fact that we went to the big nasty ghetto Wal-Mart in downtown Long Beach meant that we didn’t have a whole lot of choices in patterns, but the one we got seems to work just fine. Using evenly spaced thumbtacks I simply stretched the fabric taut over the wall and there you have it. Pretty new wall for $6.

Are you ready for the after photos?

What to you think? What’s the cheapest you’ve managed to re-finish a wall for and what did you use?