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An amazing new store opened up in Long Beach this week right next door to our favorite craft store. It’s called Mixt Media Arts. It is a great looking new place that has certainly taken a page from the same book as us with the goal of re-purposing everyday items to create art. (I’ll be posting a write up about them this week so you can learn more about this cool little place.) One of the main things that Mixt Media Arts showcases is the use of plants in art and home decor, so we spent our day brushing up our plant portfolio to share with them in hopes of getting to showcase our work at their shop.

The scene of the crimes against crafting:

Here’s some of what we came up with:

Altiods Tin Painted, Decoupaged and Planted

Re-purposed Bulb Chandelier

Dessert Terrarium

Wine Goblet Succulent

Succulent Jar

Group Shot