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Recycling……. For what ever reason the word conjures up images of Birkenstocks and the stench of Patchouli. I can’t get my head around it most days. But, I LOVE re-using, and re-purposing. Take a minute to think about all of the things you use on a regular basis that get thrown away. Most of us sort them into the ‘purple’ bin and let the city worry about the recycling part. We assume that because we separated it out we’ve done our part. But, what if those items never made it to the bins in the first place? I’ve posted about re-purposing bottles and light bulbs. Books and Wine Corks, even kitchen scraps have not missed my re-use-ability but what about those everyday items?

Here is a list of reuses for 8 everyday items.

Newspaper/Magazines/Old Books:

We did a huge project about reusing an old book this week, and anything on that project list could be made from newspapers or any other paper as well, but did you know that newspaper is one of the best materials for cleaning streak free glass?
(Try it out and you’ll never use a paper towels for it again.) It also makes great fire starters, or drop clothes for protecting surfaces while crafting. Try lining your flower beds with news paper to help keep weeds down and here are a few other ideas for you:

Pill Bottles:

These little containers are great for all kinds of storage solutions

Tin Cans:
Lighting, Vases, Storage oh my! So many uses for the tin can!

Plastic Bottles:

Egg Cartons:

Shoe Boxes & Cereal Boxes

Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls

Soda Boxes

Instructions for all ideas Here