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We came across the idea of making a ‘Summer Bucket List’ while putting together the post for Upcycle Your Summer and we decided to make one of our very own.

We came up with a pretty big list too, fifty things to do this summer! I can’t wait for all the summer fun. We thought of all the things we haven’t done in forever, and anything we could think of that was cheep or free. In no specific order here is the list.Through out the next few months we’ll fill you in every time we complete something on the list. A lot of the things are specific to Long Beach or the Southern California area, but there are quite few things that you can do no matter where live.

1. Spend an Afternoon at Art Du Vin They are my favorite little Wine Bar in the Arts District run my my lovely friend Stephanie. As much as I would like to spend all my time there for some reason I don’t make it as often as I would like.

2. Go to a Movie On The Beach Every summer Alfredos Beach Club shows free movies on the beach – every summer I miss them.

3. Have a Dog Beach Day. I Love Rosies Dog Beach!

4. Take Part In A Summer Craft Fair Time to finally start selling all the things we make

5. Go to the Long Beach Museum of Art on a Free Friday

6. Have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Day In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly and Fred spend a day going to shops and buying cheep ridiculous items!

7. Make a set of DIY Dominoes and Play. I love this set here

8. Go to a Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screening I used to go to them all the time with my friend Chris but he moved away and I haven’t gone since.

9. Make Miniature Boats and Have a Race These are so cute…..wonder how long they would sail before they sank?

10. Spend An Afternoon in The Park

11. Plant an Herb Garden, you would think with all the planting we do we would have an herb garden but, nope.

12. Spend a Day In Venice Beach

13. Go to The Rancho Los Alamitos Gardens

14. Have a Midnight Margarita Party

15. Have a Picnic

16. Make Popsicles

17. Visit Tidal Pools

18. Host a Dinner Party

19. Go to the Pile Sale La Bomba on Retro Row has a pile sale on the third saturday of every month and it’s spectacular! I haven’t been in ages

20. Ride the Water Taxi Tour the Long Beach Harbor for $5! Why have I not done this yet?!

21. Learn to Make Mozzarella Sounds simple enough and the only thing better than a caprese salad would be a caprese salad made from home growm tomatoes and homemade mozzerrella

22. Go to The Art Walk

23. Go to Stroll and Savor Wednesdays and Thursdays all summer long. I’ve only been once and it was fun, time to go back this year!

24. Take a Walk on the Beach

25. Spend a day in the Garment District

26. Try a New Type of Cuisine

27. Check Out The Long Beach’s Own Winery – The Wine Country

28. Make a Bird Feeder I love this one

29. Go to The Free Store I just found out about this place, can’t wait to check it out!

30. Color With Crayons

31. Spend a Day on Retro Row

32. Build a Sand Castle

33. Play Frisbee

34. See a Movie at the Arts Theater I love the nostalgia of this place!

35. Go to a Farmers Market This is my Favorite

36. Go Fishing

37. Guerrilla Gardening This sounds fun. I can think of a few places that could use some extra green!

38. Make and Fly a Kite Instructions Here

39. Drive Up the Coast

40. Make a Blanket Fort. Stop being such a grown up! Who doesn’t love a blanket fort?

41. Go to the Japanese Gardens

42. Blow Bubbles

43. Stand Up Paddle Boarding. You can rent them here, always wanted to try this. This summer is the year!

44. Make Paper Airplanes

45. Make Ice Cream This recipe looks simple enough!

46. Spend a Day In Palm Springs

47. Read a Good Book

48. Drive Down the Coast

49. Learn to Surf

50. Find a House. I’ve been through Craigslist a million times! Ugly apartments in good neighborhoods and perfect apartments in sketchy neighborhoods! Ugh the search is endless!

What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?