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I saw this super cool table on Pinterest

Image Source via Pinterest

And, was inspired to fix up some tables of my own!

I have two end tables that I honestly can’t even remember where they came from, it just seems I’ve always had them. I love them for no real reason other than the fact that I just do. Maybe it’s because I’ve had them for so long, or maybe it’s because they are my favorite color, black. But, they have been put through the ringer and as you can see and are starting to look a little sad and terribly tragic.

Currently they function as my hair and make up station. (And, I admit it, all those green boxes hold nail polish.) They have cup rings and missing paint, nicks and dings. The chipboard is exposed in a few spots, but beaten up as they are I have no intention of getting rid of them. Which brings us to the ‘There I Fixed It.’

After seeing the lovely image above I was immediately inspired to redo the tops of my tables. (I LOVE a good vintage map) So, I found a free image of a vintage map here, and using this free software I was able to print the map large enough to cover my tables. This is the map I chose, but they have tons and tons of them! LOVE IT!

And, Here is the finished project.