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With a new apartment comes all new decorating ideas. Add in the fact that I have Restoration Hardware taste on a thrift shop budget and you have a challenge on your hands. Time for a little DIY, a little creative shopping, some re-purposing, and a little up-cycling. Six of the eleven walls I wish to decorate are all done on a budget of under $150. Things we owned have been re-organized and displayed in new ways to create a space that feels 100% new with out being all new. Hope you like what we’ve done so far, I know I do! 🙂

Being a rental, painting is not a real option if we want to get our deposit back but I can’t stand white walls. No, really, I can’t they make me twitchy.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far……

The Entry Way:
There is a lot of wall space that just begged to be filled here. Using the ‘Beach’ sign we already had I found these great rustic, vintage inspired file boxes at 50% at Big Lots of all places, I got one for each of us. At just $8 each the total for this wall was $24.

The Kitchen:
There is a great bar between the kitchen and living room once again giving ample space for decoration. I LOVE a good gallery wall and using pieces that my roommates already had I put this display together. Combining vintage tin tiles, framed Photographs of Detroit icons, a lid from a chip tin and a vintage style clock I created depth and interest. Total for this wall $0

The Living Room:
The living room wall, an expanse of white. Using a shelving set we already owned and combining it with a mix of vintage pieces we had, I managed to come up with a pleasing display but, we still needed art work. I lucked out and found these three pieces at Big Lots and once again I say ‘of all places’ and to make it even better they were also 50% off making the total cost of this display $45.

The Dining Area:
The dining area is up against the bar. It was great space wise, but came with horrid wood paneling and a wretched 80’s inspired chandelier. I covered the paneling with burlap held in place by gold tacks similar to the way I fixed a wall in our old apartment. And the chandelier was replaced with an up-cycle from Home Depot. The pendant I wanted was $80, way out of my price range. With a little creative thinking we found a similar shaped pendant at Home Depot. A couple of coats of spray paint later and I’m pretty happy with the way it looks. (Big thanks to my friend Kent for installing it.) The ends of the bar are not covered yet, later we will be installing wine racks in this space. (I’ll post that when it’s done.) Total cost of this area $30.

My Bedroom:
So many white walls! Above my bed in place of a headboard I scored this cool piece at Ikea. Not usually a place I would look for decor, no offence to Ikea it’s great for the basics but just not usually my style in decorating. Still, the piece looks unique enough that I felt I could live with it. On the wall next to the bed I hit the inter webs in search of great black and white pics and found some good ones! Once again I say I LOVE a gallery wall. Using old frames I already had and a couple I picked up at the 99 Cent Store I printed high quality images from on-line and framed them to created a gallery. Total bedroom cost $45.

Our home will be a work in progress for a few months I’m sure, and I’ll post more as we get to it. Hope it gives you all a little inspiration.