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Somewhere near the beginning of summer I posted about a Summer Bucket List…………. Summers nearly gone and we only accomplished one thing on the list! Seriously past time to get to the fun having part of summer. So, we decided that today we had to get something marked off that list. We decided on #21 Learn to Make Mozzarella………. Well, we couldn’t find Rennet anywhere, a very important ingredient for making mozzarella. But we found a simple recipe for Ricotta and decided it was close enough. (Hey we love cheese, all cheese. We are an equal cheese household.)

The recipe from Martha was quick and simple the cheese turned out perfect.

And………. What do you do with a bunch of fresh ricotta you ask? Dinner of-course! Lasagna, and for dessert, roasted black figs with ricotta and honey.

On second thought this should maybe have been on the Fall Bucket List. Waist line ruined. Looks like it will be a carb free couple of weeks before I can accomplish the “Beach Day” portion of the Summer Bucket List!