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I have a love of succulents and you can see from previous posts here, here and here that I collect them like shoes.

A new home for us meant that all of our plants needed a new home as well. Our previous patio had ample space to hold tons and tons of little pots, but our new balcony is tight on space. I found these great patio boxes on sale at JoAnn’s Fabrics for only $8 each and they fit perfectly on our balcony wall, but they were an awful shade of green. So again with the spray paint……..

Once we had them all a nice shade of metallic brown we set to planting all of our plants by type into the boxes. There are 4 total but I have to say my favorite is the succulent garden.

I combined the succulents with preserved moss because i wanted to ensure that the box looked full with no dirt or space showing while giving the plants ample room to stretch out and grow. I think it has a nice effect.