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I admit it, I have a wrapping paper addiction. Every year I buy huge quantities of pretty paper because well, oooh shiny. I have no excuse, I just can’t help myself and this year was no different from the rest, rolls and rolls of glittery papers fill every empty space in our living room. We have been busy this week getting all our gifts wrapped up and under the tree and after everything was wrapped we had stacks and stacks of little left over bits of wrapping paper, and I betting you do too.

Here is a helpful bit of inspiration for what to do with all those leftover bits. Envelopes! Big ones, small ones any size or shape you can think of. We are planning to use them for any gift cards we may be giving out. All you need is a glue stick, scissors, leftover wrapping paper, or any pretty paper really and a template. I used an old envelope as a template for this project, but you can also find lots of templates here.

Happy Holidays and Happy Crafting!