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We are counting down the days until the launch of our store. We are T minus 48 days and counting, and day 48 was our initial foray into fabric shopping for our first collection.

We started at a local shop here in Long Beach, they have really great prices but a sometimes odd and eclectic selection. Everything from ditzy print cottons to African tribal fabrics can be found. They have great prices on basic ribbons and random sewing supplies, it’s always fun to look through the three warehouses that the store takes up.

Added bonus for it being a block from our house and you always go in knowing that IF you find a something here it’s like finding the door to Pandora and if you don’t it was entertaining anyway. Luck was on our side today though because find we did! Only two fabrics, but they are two really perfect fabrics. I can’t give away all our secrets so I’m not going to show them to you just yet, but here are a few shots of the store.