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Lightbox 4 Edited
As we get prepped for the launch of Shop Idyllwild and inventory starts arriving the need to photograph everything has arisen. For all the clothing and décor we’ll have professional photographers and models etc. but in the meantime we decided we should start shooting some of the little things ourselves, you’ve been bearing with me and my sometimes shady (no pun intended) photography so far, but for this project we wanted to amp things up a bit. As any photographer, pro or not knows, lighting is one of the most essential aspects of a good photo so today we are going to do a little DIY’ing and show you how to create a super simple practically free lightbox.

Medium or Large Box (depending on your subject matter)
White Tissue Paper
White Poster Board, Roll of White Paper Fabric or any chosen backdrop
Exacto Knife or Razor Blade

Remove the top and bottom flaps from the back of the box and securely tape the back of the box together.

Measure ‘windows’ two inches in all the way around on three sides of the box and cut out using your exacto knife or razor blade. (Try not to lose any fingers.) You can remove the entire bottom of the box if you.
want to be able to place the box over your subject, But I wanted to leave mine as is.

Tape two layers of tissue paper to each of your ‘windows’

Attach your poster board or other back drop paper or cloth to the top back of your light box to and curve it down the back bottom to create an infinity sweep effect.

Below you can see the photo from inside the light box, outside the lightbox, and the same subject without the lightbox.

All of these photos were taken at night, with my cell phone, in my living room with no overhead lighting and only minimal household lamps as lighting. The pieces photographed are our Flights of Fancy Jewelry Box and our Daisy A Day Necklace. Look for them when Shop Idyllwild Opens for business!

I used a box we had laying around from when we moved in, If I had to do this over again I might get a new box as this piece had some structural issues.

We used white tissue paper left over from Christmas for this project.

Instead of poster board we used a piece of printed burlap for the back drop.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial! Happy photographing!