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As the new year starts off we have all been busy making resolutions. Some of which we’ll inevitably give up on by February, and some of which will make it all the way through to next year. Get fit, get healthy, blog more, Facebook less etc, etc. But how about Style Resolutions? Here is Idyllwild’s list of 14 style resolutions for 2014.

1. Broaden your color pallet. We all have a favorite color we wear more than others (black) This is a new year and a new you! Add some new colors to your 2014 wardrobe.

2. Express yourself. Pick signature pieces that represent who you are. Be bold, be daring, be you. There is a big difference between being trendy and being stylish. There is nothing we love more than a girl who expresses her individuality in the way she dresses.

3. I will pay attention to the ‘care labels’ on my clothing. Dry clean and hand wash does NOT equal I will never wash this, ever.

4. As tempting as it is to be trendy I will invest in a few classic quality pieces. THE little black dress NEVER goes out of style, if you don’t have the perfect one now is the time to invest in a quality wardrobe staple.

5. Dress the part. As my muse Edith Head once said “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” ditch the yoga pants. Commit to dressing before you leave the house.

6. Mix it up. If you always wear solids try picking up some bright florals for spring. If you always wear prints mix in some of the seasons hottest colors in solids to give your wardrobe a chic updated look.

7. Update your style. Admit it, you have a favorite piece hanging around from way back when. It’s too new to be ‘vintage’ but to old to be ‘modern’ and you wear it waaaaay to often. I’m not saying ditch it, but consider back-stocking it and choose a new updated version for spring.

8. I will read more fashion blogs to get inspiration for my own wardrobe. A couple that we love are J’s Everyday Fashion (talk about style on a budget, she has it dialed in) and Hello Gorgeous ( again with the amazing, budget fashionista)

9. I will try something new with my hair, I will not resort to wearing my hair in a ponytail everyday. There are so many options for simple up-dos, I will NOT do a basic ponytail anymore. A few quick ideas can be found here

10. I will choose my outfits in advance and never be late because I ‘couldn’t decide what to wear. This is a big one for any girl who has to look her best on a daily basis. Countless hours of my life have been lost to ‘What should I wear today?’ To cut back on this dilemma I try to choose multiple looks to fit every mood so I have easy options to pick from in the morning.

11. Shoes. I will invest in at least one pair of stylish, comfortable, high quality shoes. With so many retailers out there offering chic shoes at ‘crazy’ cheep prices it’s easy to stack up a pile of trendy cheep shoes, but why not invest in a pair of amazing shoes this year? Can anyone say Manolo? Not in your every day budget, I know, but there is a reason that some shoes cost more than others, don’t blow your rent, but do invest in a classic, stylish, quality pair of footwear.

12. I will make the time to buy dress up clothes. Happy hour with the girls? Impromptu party invite. Make sure your wardrobe is glam ready with a couple of great ‘going out’ outfits.

13. Accessorize. The right accessories can make an outfit. Basic black dress? Pump it up with a bold statement necklace. I will invest as much time and money into my accessory wardrobe as I do the wardrobe in my closet.

14. Fingers & toes. Resolve to get your nails done regularly or do them yourself regularly. Nail art is in, nail wraps, even quality press ons I love these, they really do last a week) are all there for the taking. Don’t forget to dress up your nails as well as your wardrobe.

Tell us what style resolution you’re going to make in 2014 in the comments below! Happy New Year! Happy New You!