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“Turning a hobby into a business by turning food into beauty products.”

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Kristen Senters of Goddess Goods last year and loved her immediately. As we got ready to launch our store and begin seeking artisans to include in our product line-up she was the first person that I thought of. Her hand crafted soaps and other body products are amazing and she has even created a special line of lipsticks for our first collection featuring vintage candy flavors. We LOVE IT!

I asked Kristen to give us a little info about herself for us to share with you, a quick preview of one of the amazing creators that you will be able to purchase products from at Shop Idyllwild (coming very soon.) If you would like to see your products in our store click here to get more info.

So without further ado – in her own words:

“I started making my own soap; no chemicals, no dyes and no synthetic
fragrances when I began having adverse reactions to just about everything.
Ultimate control of ingredients and no need for preservatives to extend
the shelf life of a mass marketed product means just the pure and simple
ingredients that my skin craves.

I created Goddess Goods as I discovered that my sensitivities are not mine
alone, but common among friends, family and co-workers. Most of the tips
and tricks I’ve found and posted are simple projects. Homemade soap
making while not a difficult process, is labor intensive and requires an
investment in equipment and supplies. Mixing my love of baking,
fascination with herbalism and general science nerdiness means that I am
continuously inspired and have a never ending supply of new products to
enjoy and share”.

Until we get up and running if you would like to try Kristen’s products you can look for them in her Etsy Store.