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We’ve talked about resolutions before, health, fitness, growth, fashion now it’s time to get to the crafty girl in us all. Here is a list of perfect resolutions for the DIY’er, Craftionista, Writer, Painter, Poet, Designer in all of us.

1. And I can’t stress this enough, STOP pinning, START doing. We all have hundreds of projects on dozens of Pinterest boards, but how may have you done? Resolve to do one a week, or even one a month. (Irony points – I created a board just for this post, click below to see it.)

2. Get organized. It is so much easier to get to creativity when your space is clear, organized and ready to be worked in.

3. Resolve to give only hand made gifts this year. The holiday season has ended, but there are birthdays, weddings and anniversaries through out the year. Hand made gifts are so much more meaningful. Resolve to give handmade this year.

4. Put aside more time for yourself and your passion. We all get caught up in life and all the chaos, but resolve to spend at least thirty minutes a day doing what you love, be it crafting, painting, writing, soap making. Anything creative and crafty.

5. Learn a new craft. Always wanted to take up knitting? Painting? Sculpting? Find a class near you and get crafting!

6. Finish a big project that you’ve had sitting around. have a half made quilt in the closet. Finish it this year.

7. Learn to let go. Get rid of the work that doesn’t please you and only put your best projects out into the world.

8. Get involved. The best way to get inspired is by surrounding yourself with a creative community. Join online discussions, follow craft blogs, create a community to surround yourself with inspirations.

9. Step outside your comfort zone. Create pieces that push the envelope. You never know when that last push will be the thing makes your work a true piece of art.

10. Learn to be flexible. Some of my greatest designs started out as something completely different than what they ended as. Learn to go with the flow and re-imagine your project as you work through it.

What will your craft resolutions be? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear from you!