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As we start slowly to head from winter to spring (more slowly in some parts than others) we start to look at our wardrobes and think about transitioning. So, today we have rounded up a list of our ten favorite DIY style trends to help you re-vamp some of the tired clothes you have, or make some shiny new ones.

1) Criss Cross Tee Shirt
Criss Cross Tee

2) DIY Printed Leggings. There is no tutorial on this one, but seems fairly self explanatory.
DIY Leggings

3) Repurposed Bow Blouse
Bow Blouse

4) DIY Striped Tee
Striped Tee Shirt

5) Ombre Tights
DIY Ombre Tights

6) Repurposed Sweater Leg Warmers
DIY Leg Warmers

7) No Sew Shearling Vest
Shearling Vest

8) Lace Scalloped Socklets
Lace Socklet

9) Cropped Knit Top
DIY Cropped Sweater

10) Gloves With Rings
DIY Gloves With Rings

Which one will you be doing next? Let us know in the comments!