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On our first edition of Beauty Buzz we are bringing you a collection of some of the quickest simplest hair tutorials on the web. There are thousands of tutorials out there, go ahead, take a looksy. Some that require foreign objects, and some that honestly may require an engineering degree, (or maybe that’s what cosmetology school is for) but now let’s be honest if you are a ‘real’ girl with a real life, chances are you don’t have the time of day to spend hours pre setting or curling, or for that matter straightening or (really now) *gasp even washing your hair. Below is a collection of quick easy hair tutorials for some really great looks that can cross the line between running errands in your maxi dress and drinking it up at a cocktail party with ease. No prep work required.

Voluminous Braided Up-Do from Love My Hairstyle
I love this look, simple and elegant with just a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of chic.

Chic Chignon
Chic Chignon from Refinery 29
You just can’t get more elegant than this and yet I feel certain it would look just as cute with a sundress as an evening gown.

Gigantic Messy Bun
Giant Messy Bun from Forever Amber
This is probably my favorite tutorial out there. Cheers to Amber! Even if you don’t love the look the tutorial is worth it just for the read!

Quick Twisted Up-do from Parlor
Who doesn’t love things that are quick and twisted… Or was that just me?

Grown Up Pig Tails from XO Jane
Maybe it’s just me trying to recapture my dwindling youth, but I LOVE pig tails. Honestly was there ever a better look than Audrey Hepburn’s pigtails in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Here’s to hoping we all make it through another day without our hair causing a major back-up in the plumbing! Happy styling!