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As we get ready to start shooting the Look Book for Shop Idyllwild we did a lot of research on different themes for our first look. One of our favorites that we aren’t planning on using is the Fairytale theme. I love fairytales. I love all of them, they’re my guilty little pleasure, *cut to a grown woman watching Peter Pan and repeating the entire dialog. I’m fascinated by Alice in Wonderland. I love every rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. Know all the words to every song in Disney’s Little Mermaid. So with my true love of all things whimsical a fairytale shoot really would be ideal, but for now we chose something a little more unique. Even though we passed on it as a theme for the Look Book, todays Style Files is a round up of some of our favorite fairytale inspired fashion shoots.

Image Sources:
Snow White
Gullivers Travels
Red Riding Hood
Alice In Wonderland
Where The Wild Things Are
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty And The Beast

Which one is your favorite?