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I love playing in the kitchen. Whether I’m whipping up a tasty treat or whipping up an edible facial product. There are a lot of items that most of us have in the kitchen already that are as good for our skin as they are for our bodies. We may be in the back end of winter, but if you’re anything like me you’re face is still in a constant battle with the seasons. Here is a list of ingredients and their properties to help you choose the mask that’s right for you.

Idyllwild’s Killer DIY Spa Pantry Ingredient List:
Bananas – Moisturizing, Anti-aging, high in vitamin C
Avocados – Vitamin A & Amino acids moisturizing, anti-aging
Honey – Natural antibacterial (helps fight breakouts)
Cinnamon – Anti Aging, antibacterial
Yogurt – Pore tightening
Lemon – Fade Age Spots, brighten skin tone, exfoliates
Oatmeal – Exfoliates, moisturizing, pore cleansing
Eggs – Skin firming, anti inflammatory
Apple Cider Vinegar – Antibacterial, Acne fighting

You can mix and match these ingredients to your hearts content, but I searched the web over to find a few beginner recipes to get you started. So step into the kitchen, stir up a spa treatment, grab a glass of wine and relax. What the heck, go ahead and grab a bottle of wine. I won’t tell. If you get the munchies most of these masks are edible so you can snack on them too.

honey banana homemade face mask
Honey Banana Mask from Sincerely Kinsey.
Only three ingredients in this simple mask. You could spread the leftovers on toast or add a splash of rum to it and call it an evening.

Avocado Face Mask from EcoKaren
We all buy avocados, we all SAY were gonna eat them, mash them, what ever. We all let them turn brown and go to produce heaven. Admit it, your guilty aren’t you? But this recipe is here to save the day, your skin and your avocados! (I wouldn’t recommend eating this one. Raw eggs and all. But hey, e-coli could be the diet trend we’ve all been looking for.)

Carrot and Coconut Mask
Carrot and Coconut Mask from HomemadeforElle
Another super simple two ingredient mask just carrots and coconut oil, three ingredients if you count water. But really I never do. (You could probably eat this one, but not sure about the taste. Maybe I’ll cook some up, try it on crackers and get back to you…Maybe I won’t though)

Yogurt Mask
Greek Yogurt Mask from AlyssaandCarla
This one looks super tasty, I have the urge to dip not only my face in it but maybe some strawberries too.

As will any facial product you may want to test a small bit of your concoction on the inside of your arm to make sure you don’t have any reactions.

Which one will you be making?