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Nail art is everywhere and nothing says “I’m stylish” like a perfect artistic manicure! But what if you are, dare I say it? Artistically challenged? If paint by numbers has you baffled and stick figures are more your style, there is still hope for your nail art fantasies. Nail wraps! They have been popping up everywhere and today we rounded up a few of the top ones. If you haven’t tried the nail wraps for yourself I suggest you grab a pair. They work really well and can’t be beat for time saving and looks. They are super quick and easy, just like a prom date……

Anyway, Here they are in no particular order:

I usually use this brand, I think they might have been one of the first companies I remember seeing offering nail wraps. They are easy to use, fair price and long lasting.
Nail Wraps Sally Hansen
Shop it – $8.49 Sally Hansen

I’ve never used this brand, but after browsing their catalog I’m intrigued by all their designs. I’m thinking it’s time to shop!
Nail Wraps Scratch
Shop it- $12.00 GoScratchIt

Essie is tops for drug store polish brands. I haven’t tried the nail strips, but it’s on my to do list.
Nail Wraps Essie
Shop it – $9.49 Essie

On occasion I use the Forever 21 brand. They don’t last as long, but the price really can’t be beat if you are looking for a fun funky design these are perfect.
Nail Wraps Forever 21
Shop it – $2.80 Forever 21

The catalog from these guys had some of the most amazing designs I’ve seen. I’ll be running to try these out next time I want a really stellar look.
NCLA Nail Wraps
Shop it – $16.00 NCLA Los Angeles

I’ve only tried this brand once, but again great line up of looks and totally worth it!
Nail Wraps Kiss
Shop it – $6.99 Kiss

What’s your favorite brand?