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Makeover 1 Edited

The above photo is the face I present to the world, but it isn’t the face I wake up with in the morning. False advertising I know. I may have mentioned once or twice before my obsession with refusing to age gracefully. Or maybe not, but now I have. I REFUSE to age with out a fight. I’ve said goodbye to my twenties and well, my thirties seem determined to cruise right on by, but thanks to some amazing products, plus a little help from Make-Up Artist Exraordinaire Cynthia Reina, my skin doesn’t look a day over……… well…. just humor me and say I don’t look my age.

————–WARNING————– The following image may not be suitable for all audiences…
No Make-up 2
Here is me, first thing in the morning, no make-up, no filters, no editing, no miracle products. (Sorry for it, but I did try to warn you.)

Here is a listing of my arsenal, and yes it IS a battle:
Polyvore Image
Face, top to bottom:
MAC Studio Finish
Peter Thomas Roth – Laser Free skin care line
Peter Thomas Roth – Un-Wrinkle Foundation
Peter Thomas Roth – Max Anti Shine Mattifying Gel

Eyes, left to right:
Peter Thomas Roth – Lashes to Die For Mascara
MAC – Brow Kit
MAC – Liquid Liner
Peter Thomas Roth – Instant Firm-X Eye Gel
Peter Thomas Roth – Conceal and Brighten

Lips, top to bottom:
The Body Shop – Color Crush Lipstick
Rimmel – Exaggerate Lip Liner
** Note – I’m actually allergic to nearly all lipsticks, chap sticks or any solid lip products. The Body Shop is the only manufacturer that makes a lipstick that doesn’t make my lips break out into a rash.

For a girl who (normally)wears minimal make-up a lot of priming goes into the canvas before I do up my ‘paint job’ and honestly, I don’t think I could live without the Instant Firm-X Eye gel. Really, I might sell my own mother to get a bottle. (Not really, cause she’s super cool, my Mom, but you know what I mean.)

What is your ‘couldn’t live with out it’ product?