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We decided to start out the month of February with a whole week filled with quick easy DIYs. Inspired by what else?….. LOVE. As I sit here preparing all these DIYs for you the irony of the habitually single girl spending days and days making lovey dovey décor is not lost on me.

To the rest of my single sisters who know maybe if we craft enough love we just might find a Valentine after all. I wonder if I could DIY a date……. I must read up on that. Surely there is a tutorial out there for how to make your own man….. No?

O.K. Back to our regularly scheduled DIY…

I love crafting with book pages. I know, some people would call it a sin to tear apart an old book and for certain volumes I would agree. However in a world gone digital and the trash bins overflowing with under loved books I just love to preserve them in some manner and the possibilities for creativity are endless. Todays DIY actually combines Mason jars with books! Two of my favorite things. This one is super simple and only takes a few minutes, don’t blink or you might miss the whole thing.


Book Pages




Mason Jar or Other Clean Jar




How did the hole punch get in the picture?? Hole punch! STOP photo bombing!

Book Pages Edited

Ok, now that the hole punch has been properly reprimanded…. Measure your book pages and cut them to the right height and width for your jar. Then cut out a heart from the center of each side. (I had to use two pieces because the pages I was using were too small to do in a single sheet.)

Valentines Candle Holder Edited

Place pages inside jar, tape in place, set in your candle and that’s it! Super quick, super cute.

Happy Crafting!