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DIY Disaster
DIY disasters, we’ve all been there. Everything is going well, you have Pinterest visions dancing in your head and the next thing you know you’ve glued the cat to the chandelier, lost an eyebrow and are left wondering if FIMA can come repair the damage to the living room. DIY fails are so common that there are whole blogs dedicated to them places like (the no longer running) Regretsy and Pinterest Fail

With all the possible pitfalls of an average DIY, today we are bringing you a list of tips to help survive a disastrous DIY.

FIRST – And, I can’t stress this enough, don’t be afraid to walk away. If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew in a DIY project, sometimes you have to have the courage to admit defeat and walk away. If your project and it’s failure is consuming you, put it away and focus on a project that can be completed. You can always come back to it with fresh eyes, and keep in mind, some things really are doomed before they start.

SECOND – Read the directions. Then read them again. It’s easy to think by looking at the picture that you have this project in the bag but it’s all in the details. Don’t skip the fine print.

THIRD – Go over the supply list. Nothing is worse than being half way through a project and realizing you don’t have the final piece.

FOURTH – Take your time. Just like wine a good DIY can take time to complete. Make sure you set aside enough time to complete the project without interruption.

FIFTH – Learn to laugh. If your latest Pinterest inspiration looks like a complete fail you must learn to laugh at yourself. We do this crazy thing called crafting for fun. Hair pulling, teeth grinding, cussing like a sailor and yelling at a bottle of glue fun, but fun really was the original intent no matter how obsessive and crazy we get while doing a project.

SIXTH – I know I always encourage a glass of wine while crafting, and far be it for me to deny you the pleasure, but please keep in mind that some projects really do require straight lines. If you can’t walk it, you can’t cut it.

SEVENTH – Shop around. There are millions of DIY’s out there. If you found a picture of the perfect project but can’t seem to get your head around the directions, Google it, YouTube it, call a neighbor. Chances are that someone out there made a tutorial that you’ll be able to understand better or has a step that was missed in the original tutorial.

EIGHT – Don’t believe everything that you see. I have a degree in fashion design, I spent nine years as a professional seamstress, I’m a sculptor, painter, author, and all around creative type. And still I’ve met DIY fails. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words and every once in a while every single one of them is a lie! Photoshop, lighting and camera angles can make a finished piece look like art when in the true light of day it may actually look like a finger painting. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you just can’t master a project. I always say, if it doesn’t work it was probably someone else’s fault. (Maybe I’m just cocky though)

NINTH – Tools! I’ve always been a make it work kinda girl *cut to me hanging pictures with one of my platform shoes since I didn’t have a hammer, but you really do need the right tools for every job. A kitchen knife is NOT a substitute for an Exacto knife. Please don’t use your make-up brushes as paint brushes. Make sure you have all the tools your project requires.

TENTH – Preparation. Be it surface prep or tool prep make sure your work space is set up right. If you want to avoid calling in disaster relief to repair your home after a DIY fail make sure to set up a proper work space. If you are using glues or paints make sure to use drop cloths, have clean up supplies close at hand and for the love of all things stylish NEVER DIY in your Prada.

Happy crafting Wilders!!