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Hello Wilders! We are on day four of our Valentines themed DIYs if you want to see the others click here. I’m pretty excited about this tutorial. Today’s DIY is a little heart shaped notebook perfect for writing love notes, journaling or just plain old being cute.
Book Making Supplies
Notebook Paper, blank paper, paper scraps (anything paper like really, or you could use fabric)
Hole Punch
Ribbon, Twine, Rope or other string

I made a template out of a sheet of notebook paper and traced it onto my cardboard twice, then cut them out. These will be the front and back covers.

Next, I Traced the cardboard covers onto my notebook paper and other scrap papers. When ever I make a book or a journal I usually use multiple kinds of paper for the pages. I like to have the variety of lined, blank and printed pages. Maybe it’s just because all my indecision needs an outlet. Either way I like variety, but you can use all blank, all lined, what ever you like. I cut out all the pages until I felt I had enough to make my book. You can use 10 pages or a hundred, it’s all up to you.
Heart Book Pages

Next I traced one of my cardboard covers onto the back side of the paper I wanted to use for my cover and drew another line approximately 1/2″ larger all the way around. After cutting out on the larger line, clip the curved edges as shown. The more you clip the smoother your edge will be.

Next, glue down the edges, followed by placing a sheet of blank paper over it to hide the edge.

Once the covers were complete I used a hole punch and added 2 holes to one side of the heart then punch holes in all the book pages in the same place. I did take a photo of this step I swear, but it seems that my camera ate it up, because I can’t find the file anywhere.

After all the holes are in place stack your book together and using your rope, ribbon or twine tie the book together to bind it.
Finished Book 3

When I first started this project I chose the chevron paper and then when I was done I decided I hated it so I used some rub on trasfers and some vintage stamps to decorate the cover and now I love it.

What do you think?