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Valentines is just a few days away and whether you’re going out with the Love of Your life, Mister Right Now or staying home and having a Pajama’s and Pity Party we’re bringing you a collection of some of our favorite date movies, even if your date is with Mr. Whiskers this is still the perfect line up of videos for the evening. Some of these flicks are indie and obscure and some of them are mainstream but all of them are loved by us, so fire up the Netflix, grab a glass of wine, a pillow, a cat or a beaux and settle in for a movie night.

Warm Bodies – 2013
Your classic zombie meets girl love story. Ladies love the love and the guys love the zombies! It’s a win, win! Oh wait, I’m a lady (but don’t ever call me one) and I love the zombies.
Warm Bodies

Harold and Maude – 1971
The ultimate May-December romance made even more perfect by the killer Cat Stevens sound track.
Harold and Maude

Cherish – 2002
My favorite Indy girl meets stalker tale with the most amazing 80’s soundtrack. This one is a hidden gem that very few people know of.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – 2010
This film has something for everyone, slasher style slayings, hillbillies, unconventional love and LOTS of laughs
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Chocolat – 2000
Johnny Depp, chocolate, need I say more?

Ten Inch Hero – 2007
Despite the sometimes odd soundtrack this indie masterpiece is nothing but love. Love between friends, love between strangers, love of a mother and all other kinds of love you can think of.
Ten Inch Hero

You’ve Got Mail – 1998
Feel free to substitute with Sleepless in Seattle, we won’t be offended.
Youve Got Mail

Titanic – 1997
No date movie list would be complete without this film on the list. And, if you decide that you just don’t have the time to watch a three hour flick here is our favorite sum up of the movie. Sorry had to do it, makes me laugh every time…

What’s your favorite?