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Date Yourself

Ahh, Valentines Day. A day for lovey-dovey-mushiness. Bah Humbug! If that even applies…. Single people the world over will be hiding indoors, wearing black pajamas and in general hiding from the love bug. If you, like me, got missed by Cupid’s arrow and are left on the list of singletons, don’t fret. Don’t hide away. DON’T have a pity party. This holiday is all about love and if you can’t love yourself who can you love?. If you have no Significant Other, spend this Valentines Day Spoiling your Significant Self!

#1. Buy or make yourself a nice dinner. Your nice dinner should not include anything microwave-able or served in a cereal bowl. Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant or take the time to prepare your favorite meal. Nothing say’s sad like a bowl of cereal eaten over the sink.

#2. Dress up. Get out of those yoga pants and while you’re at it get them washed (but not today, put it on the list for tomorrow). Get your nails done, get your hair done, go all out and have a spa day. We have a killer list of DIY Spa treatments you can make at home. Put on your favorite dress! This is the time to treat yourself like a star.

#3. Read that book that’s been sitting by your bedside. Take some time to work on a fun project. (NOT housework.) Spending time doing things you love will help distract you from all the hearts and love floating around outside.

#4. Watch your favorite movie, invite Netflix on your date with yourself and tune in to an old favorite or watch a movie you’ve never seen before. We have a great list of them right here.

#5 Light candles and have a decadent glass of wine with a sinful dessert. No calorie counting today. You can go back to dieting tomorrow.

#6 If all else, fails a little retail therapy should put you in the perfect frame of mind. Go ahead buy those shoes in the window! As long as it doesn’t blow rent, I give you full permission. And if you do blow rent I’ll back you up and say it was a mugging. That’s just the kind of friend I am.

Remember that you are the most important person in the world to someone: yourself. To quote blogger Ella of Literally, Darling “Our relationship with ourselves is forever. Therefore, why wouldn’t we date ourselves? We’re stuck with ourselves for the rest of our lives, so we might as well fall head over heels for who we are.”

How ever you choose to set up your date make it your own and do it up right!

XOXO, Happy Valentines Day,

Incase you forget to tell yourself. You look beautiful.