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Pantone is the leading expert on all things fashion forecast. I sometimes look at the reports and wonder who is the ‘they’ that chooses these colors? Who is the ‘they’ that chooses the trends. And Sometimes I imagine that there are a bunch of old farts sitting in a room sipping sherry and asking each other what can we make the ‘fashion children’ do today. But either way, whether you think ‘they’ are using their powers for good or for evil, the ‘they’ of Pantone are the go to peeps when it comes to forecasting our fashion futures and these are the hot colors of the season.

If you’re a true shopper chances are you’ve already started to see these colors pop up in your favorite stores. If you haven’t, wait for it. The spring collections will be hitting floors any minute now, time to start looking through our closets and seeing what we have that will transcend the season and what must have pieces need to be added.

Which color will be your signature shade this spring?