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Completed Brushes 1
This is one of my favorite tutorials to date. Plus I’m loving the photos from my new Sony Xperia! I had so much fun making these cute brushes and even more fun photographing them. Alright, on with the good stuff.

If you’re like me you have a cabinet full of random make-up brushes today I’ll show you how to make them into a perfect set using Washi Tape and a little craft paint. The dreaded before pic:
Ugly Brushes

Make sure all of your brushes are clean and free of make-up residue before you start this project. Once done cleaning, choose the paint color to accent the bottoms of the brush. Carefully dip the ends into your paint and place the brushes upside down to dry. You’ll note in the photos that I actually dipped AFTER I taped – BIG mistake, don’t do it.
Dipped Ends Drying

Once your paint dries wrap the entire brush in your Washi Tape pattern. You could leave the metallic end uncovered if you like but since my brushes were all different metals I chose to wrap mine up to the top. After the brush was completely covered I used the same paint color that I dipped the ends in to paint accent stripes around the handles. Once you paint the stripes set the brushes to dry again.
Striped Brushes

All finished!
Competed Brushes 2
And, a glamour shot too!
Completed Brushes 1

What do you think?