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Today we’re going to talk about this crazy thing called the blogging business and how we can help each other to promote all our hard work. As I watch fellow bloggers try desperately to gain the traffic they so desire and deserve I wonder: What can I/we do to help each other. When running a blog it’s all about stats. Stats on Facebook. Stats on Twitter. Stats on Instagram. Stats on Pinterest. Stats on WordPress. Stats on any social media outlet we can get our hands and our posts on. I try very hard to diligently follow-back all of my followers. I miss a few people here and there or some have content that just isn’t for me. But, as a blogger I now know first hand the time, the effort, the money and the energy we all spend on making great content and every once in a while it feels like I am posting for no one. Do you feel like that sometimes? If you, like me feel that it’s an uphill battle, I propose this:

Within this post I will put links to my every social network account. Click through, and follow one or follow all(that would be swell). Then leave your links in the comments and I will return the favor. And hopefully you will scroll through the comments and look in on other bloggers and pay it forward! Every blogger that does this will be added to our ‘Blogs We Love’ board on Pinterest and will be listed as a ‘Featured Like’ on our Facebook Page.

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What do you say bloggers? Are you with me? If you have any advice on how to improve stats let us know! Also, if you can tell me how to add links to photos that would be great. Every time I tried it made sucky things happen!

Happy Blogging,