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Competed Box 2
Tidy little boxes on tidy little counter tops. So reminiscent of days gone by. To some of you, this may seem like a foreign object, right up there with card catalogs and what are those paper things called again? Oh, yeah, books. For others todays DIY is a little trip down nostalgia way. Combining our love of nostalgia and kitch we proudly bring you the Recipe Box tutorial.

Start with any plain old box, I got mine at Michael’s for about three dollars, but you could probably find something similar at a thrift shop or yard sale too.
Unpainted Box 2

If you chose a wood box like I did, give it a quick sanding. Next paint the box a solid color inside and out.

Then grab a glass of wine and watch the paint dry. Just kidding, not about the wine, but about watching the paint. You can watch T.V. or run errands, anything really.
Painted Box
Incase you decided not to watch the paint dry, here is a gratuitous picture of my paint drying. While your paint is drying, should you have chosen not to run errands or sit and watch the paint, you can start cutting your card stock to create the dividers for your box. I measured mine so that my tabs would sit half an inch above my recipe cards.
Cut Dividers
You can create recipe cards by glueing index cards to card stock like I did, or you can find some great free printables from these lovely sites: Avocados and Geraniums or The Graphics Fairy

Competed Box 2
Happy crafting and cooking!