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DIY Clock Collage

Good Morning Wilders! As a reminder not to forget to change your clocks, and, because I’m obsessed with clocks I’m bringing you a round-up of DIY tick tocks. If you do forget, as some of us do. Well, I promise to completely back you up when you tell your boss the dog ate the alarm.

And, now without further ado:
#1. Domino Clock
There are no instructions on this one, just a pic. But, seems easy enough. Salvaged wood. Clock kit. Appropriately numbered dominos.

#2. Time for Tea
Again, no instructions but the idea is inspirational to say the least. Some cups and saucers from the thrift store and a clock kit and you should be good to go!
#3. Vintage Book Clock
There is a great tutorial on this one, but it is in Dutch so make sure you click on your translator option. But even if you don’t the pictures make it pretty easy to follow

#4. Vintage Colander Clock
This site has a great round-up of DIY clocks. Love it!

#5 Vintage Tin Clock
This site has a whole bunch of great DIY clock ideas to keep you entertained.

#6. Picture Box Clock
No tutorial on this one either. Hmmmm…. Kinda failing here, but still cool idea.

#7. Pencil Clock
The site on this one is in Russian, but it has a plethora of amazing clock ideas.

Hopefully, even though you’re going to lose an hour today you’ll still be able to find the time to make one of these super cute clocks!