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Ten Green Cocktails Collage

I was planning on doing a DIY round-up for St Patrick’s Day. I searched and I searched but I didn’t like anything I found. The more I looked the worse things got. Maybe it’s just because I’m not a big fan of green. But, then I realized there is one thing that comes in green that I love. Cocktails!! Well, to be honest I love then in any color and even in clear, but for today’s post I’m going with green. If you’ve learned the hard way,(like I did) green beer is just not a good idea, then get up and get over to BevMo and mix up some of these Green Spirits! Just don’t drink too many of them. Then again, who knows, maybe there is a pot of gold under that pool table you’re planning on passing out on. Drink a big glass of water and check out on our list of Top Ten Green Cocktails.

#1 Boozy Shamrock Shake from Piccante Dolce

#2 Emerald Crush from Side Dish D Magazine

#3 Green Hornet from The Sweet Spot Blog

#4 Green Demon from Top Cocktail Recipes

#5 Green Flash from The White on Rice Couple

#6 Baileys and Irish Cream Cocktail from Vegas Chatter

#7 Irish Julep from Cosmopolitan

#8 Sparkling Shamrock from Formal Fringe

#9 Lunar Leprechaun from The Intoxicologist

#10 Leprechaun’s Lunch from The Slow Roasted Italian

Bottoms Up! Cheers!