I spent the day helping make up artist Cynthia Reina get her very first blog off the ground and acted as a canvas for her amazing make up skills. Check it out!


Pallet with Logo
Hi! I’m Cynthia, welcome to my blog! As my first post EVER I wanted to share with you my love of my new Make Up Forever Pallet.

This Flash Pallet is one of my favorite go to items in my makeup kit! The pallet has 12 cream colors, 7 of which are basic colors, 3 of which are pastel and 2 are shimmer colors of gold and silver! It’s essential for a makeup artist to have colors that can be blended and mixed into any desired shade. I love to use this pallet for lip colors and concealer/foundation colors! When using this pallet as eye shadows, this pallet will take your eyes to the next level of AMAZING!!! For anyone who does makeup professionally or even just for fun, this is your new MUST HAVE BEST FRIEND!!!

My amazing friend Connie of Idyllwild Designs volunteered to be my canvas for the day.

The Before Pic, also known as…

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