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Final Coat with Logo

This wood stain is amazing, super simple to make and turns out perfect every time. I’ve used it on dozens of projects and I thought that today I would share it with all of you. I originally got the recipe from Home Heart Craft you can click through to see her project.

Mason style glass jar
1/4 of a steel wool puff
1/4 cup of used coffee grounds
Unfinished Wood

Place the steel wool in the jar with the coffee grounds and fill almost to the top with vinegar. Seal the jar, give it a shake and let it set a minimum of over night. Side note: I’ve actually had the mixture photographed below sitting in the jar for about two weeks. It still works great, and the color is even richer now than it was the first time I used it.
Here is my wood, unstained and set up to coat with my mixture:
Unstained Wood with logo
I used a sponge brush to apply my stain, but you can also use the steel wool itself. Here are my boards after the first coat of stain.
First Coat with Logo
I let the first coat dry and then added a second coat. Here are the finished wood slats.
Final Coat with Logo
Check back Thursday to see what we make from this wood!