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Tuesday Tips 3

I’ve mentioned before that I’m still relatively new to the blogging community and in the beginning, (or maybe I’m still in the beginning?) I blogged around blissfully unaware of any form of etiquette. My bad. I’m an only child and I’ve been told before that I tend to have nasty case of only child syndrome. If you’re part of a big litter you may not know this one, but basically it means that sometimes I wander around blissfully unaware that there are others on my planet. (I am trying very hard to be better about this but, sometimes I digress.) Here are my Five Tips for Better Blog Etiquette, mostly they are just good old plain manners. You know, like the ones your Momma thought you, but for some reason as we sit safely behind our computer screen we forget that there is a human on the other side too.

This is our third week of Tuesday’s Tips. We’ve covered The Look, Your Content, Your Voice, Your Community, Social Networking and Photography Tips, you can check out Part One here and Part Two here. This week we’ll be talking a bit about Blogiquette – blog etiquette.

Tip Number One:
If someone comments on your post, re-blogs your post, links to your post, re-tweets your post, take the time to reply or respond. The very first comment I ever got I read and thought oh yay, someone read my post! It never occurred to me to reply back. Perhaps I had had too much wine to think clearly. I look back on that moment and cringe! How could I not have responded?! Well, live and learn. I try very diligently to respond to all comments. Someone took a moment from their life to tell me they like my work. The very least I can do is take a moment of mine to tell them I appreciate them as a reader.

Tip Number Two:
Credit. Always give credit where credit is due. As bloggers we spend countless hours on the web and as we click from site to site we become inspired by the things we are reading and seeing. If someone’s post inspires you make sure to link back to them and give credit for the inspiration. If you are doing a round up of other people’s work make sure you link back to the original content. It’s easy to find great images on Pinterest, but if you’re using them, take the time to find the original source and permalink it back to the rightful owner. It’s also a good idea to ask permission first.

Tip Number Three:
Comment with a purpose and never let that purpose be self promotion. As bloggers we crave comments like chocolate. Especially as a newbie. Every time the alert goes off on my phone I get a little joy when I see that it’s a notification from WordPress. If you are taking the time to comment make it appropriate, relevant and kind. If you don’t have something nice to say then please don’t comment. Don’t use other bloggers comment feeds to promote yourself and don’t link back to your own blog unless it is EXTREMELY relevant to the post you’ve just read.

Tip Number Four:
Share the love. Comments are like printed currency in the blogging world, but sharing is like an offshore account. When you find content you love share it with the world and help a sista out! Pin it, tweet it, love it. When you share what another blogger wrote with your own followers you are spreading around love like dandelion poufs in the wind. That’s never a bad thing. We can all use a little more love!

Tip Number Five:
Make things easy for your readers. I’m not sure if this last tip is truly etiquette per se, but nothing irks me more than finding a blog I like and finding it impossible to follow or time sucking to find a follow button. If I have to scroll through your whole blog to find a way to connect with you I’m out like a light! Put your follow buttons at the top of your page please!

And, there you have it. My personal take on blogging etiquette. If you’d like to read more about being a kind and virtuous blogger you can check out these great posts!

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