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DIY Infused Vodkas
For this photo I used Rosemary and Blackberries.

Nothing could be simpler or easier than infusing vodka & nothing says Spring in my opinion, more than cool cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Well, maybe fresh flowers or green grass and bunnies express Spring more. For me personally I like fruity cocktails. Then again, fruity cocktails say Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall since I live in Sunny Southern California, but, I digress.

You can infuse vodka with nearly anything from fresh fruits and berries to any edible flower and most herbs as well. Some people even do bacon. I like bacon as much as the next girl, but not really in my cocktails please.

The directions for this could not be simpler.
Vodka of your choice (better Vodka = better finished product)
Ingredient of choice:

Place a handful of your fresh ingredient in the bottom of a seal-able container. Cover with vodka and seal container. Shake the jar vigorously and place in the fridge. Let the container sit for three days in the fridge & shake contents twice a day. After the vodka is infused strain out the solids and pour into your favorite decanter. Can be stored in the fridge for up to one month, but if you are anything like me it wont last the week.