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Tuesdays Tips succulents
Up to this point all of our Tuesday’s Tips have been about the business of blogging. Today we decided to go with something a little more spring inspired.

We have a long standing love of succulents, maybe more of an addiction really!I just love the simplistic beauty of them and the super easy care they require. Nearly every plant I’ve ever had I killed (this is perhaps why I’m hesitant to get a puppy of my very own). Until the day I bought my first succulent. Now, after a plant-less life I’ve managed to have the very same succulents for almost two whole years! Not all of them lived, some of the specialty varieties do require special things but most of them are easy as pie to care for.

Tip Number One:
Shower them with love, but never with water. Succulents prefer very dry conditions. Don’t water them until the soil is almost completely dry.

Tip Number Two:
Sunshine. Succulents love bright sunny locations so make sure you place them in an area that gets some rays. These little green plants love a good tan.

Tip Number Three:
Grooming. Succulents love to look good. From time to time you may see that some of the under leaves of your plant have turned brown. As long as it’s only one or two every now and then simply tug gently to remove the leaf.

Tip Number Four:
Temperature. Succulents are desert loving plants. That being said they are a lot more cold tolerant than you would think but can’t actually take as much heat as you would expect. Ideal day time temps are 70 to 85 degrees during the day and 50 to 55 at night. (Those are my favorite temps too) If your area gets above or below these temps you may want to bring your plants inside during unfavorable conditions if possible.

Tip Number Five:
Succulents are like cats. The more you leave them alone the more love they will give you. This is the pixie bob haircut of plants. Almost no maintenance necessary.

Happy Gardening Wilders!
XOXO Idyllwild