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Shoes and Succulents
Spring is in full force at Idyllwild HQ this week. All week long we’ve been playing with succulents and other growing things so today we are bringing you a roundup of some very unique ideas for planters. None of them traditional and all of them beautiful.

This first photo may be my very favorite of all. I Love succulents and I LOVE shoes so it’s a win, win for any fashionista with a love of growing things besides her wardrobe!Photo Source: Portland Monthly

I’m in love with this little guy, Rhino’s and yellow and succulents Oh my! I smell a DIY coming on.
Rhino Toy Planter
In the mean time you can pick up a whole menagerie of them from The Plaid Pigeon

I’ve made these before and I love the idea still. Maybe in my free time…….. Yeah right!
Book Planter
Found on Mrs. Vintage Photographed by Amanda Patrice

This one I haven’t tried but I may just have to.
Succulents in Ladles
Photo Source: Beedama Style

What will you be planting?