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Over the last few years I have faced a lot of challenges and through it all I forgot to ask myself WWCD? Today as I stand on the precipice ready to take the plunge into business ownership again I felt it was time to revive WWCD? Maybe it’s not so much a quote as a way of life but I hope that someone out there finds some inspiration in it.

Whenever life hands you trouble just ask your self what would Connie do?
Don’t know what to wear? What would Connie do? Don’t know if you should go left or right? What would Connie do? All these questions and more can be answered if you remember the laws I have taught you.

There was once a time when lots of people looked up to me. They would always ask: What Would Connie Do? So as a laugh and out of love I designed a unique cuff for each member of my staff with the letters W.W.C.D? on them.
I boxed each cuff with a card that had the words above written on it.

Happy Friday Wilders!

XOXO Idyllwild