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This project has been floating around Pinterest for forever I’m sure. But, I’ve always wanted to make a set so that’s what I did! After searching for a long, long time I finally found the perfect little figures at my local Dollar Tree. The nice people at Home Depot were kind enough to give me two 4″ x 4″ square blocks of wood from the trash pile. Plus, I found the spray paint on sale for 99. cents bringing the total cost of this project to $3! Now that’s my kind of DIY!
The wood was really rough so I spent some time sanding it down and using wood filler to fill up some of the bigger gaps and cracks. Then, using wood glue I attached my figurine to the wood block and let dry overnight.
Giraffe on Wood Block

Once the glue was set I spray painted my little heart out and: tada!
Dollar Store Book Ends

I’m loving the way these turned out! What do you think?

XOXO Idyllwild