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Day 17

WOW! Time is just flying by! Only 18 days left till we launch and here’s where it starts to get really fun! On Wednesday we will be launching our first store give-away on Instagram & Facebook and it’s chance to be the first person EVER (besides me) to score a piece of Idyllwild Designs inventory. If you’re not following us on one of these sites make sure you add us so you don’t miss out on your chance to win. Starting from this point on we’ll be handing out promo codes, discount codes and giveaways pretty much every other day till we officially launch! We may do a few of them here on the blog but most of them will be through other social media networks.

With all that we have going on in the next 18 days you will see a lot fewer post from us, and a few of our regular posts will be missed all together 😦 I’m just one girl. Sorry guys, I can only do about 500 things at once Hand me 501 and I start to lose track of things. My mind mostly, but occasionally the dog, my dinner, once I forgot my bra, and there was that day I put my undies on backwards. So, you can see how someone as spacey as me can only multi task so may things before pure and utter chaos erupts.

I promise we’ll be back to all of our regularly scheduled posts soon enough! Look for some new twists (and our new inventory) on our Cocktails and Frock-tails posts. Watch out for some savvy fashionista tips on our Tuesday’ Tips line-up. Of course, there will be plenty of drinking, DIYing and snarky humor will continue.

Stay tuned Wilders! We’ll see you on the other side of launch!!
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