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Day 10
Our store opens is just 10 days! Errrr Mahhhh Gaaawwwwd!I’m so excited, and I have lots to tell you all! I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in forever, which is kinda true. Since I knew we would be busy leading up to launch I had prepped a lot of my posts in advance. But, as I knew they would the posts ran out. So, today I’m writing to you straight from the hip as we get ready to head back to the Garment District for the last batch of merchandise before we launch! With that in mind PLEASE forgive any typo’s or extreme grammar fails. My editor won’t get to see this one before I hit publish. (Sorry D)

If you’ve missed any of the Store Launch Updates, catch up quick! If you’re following along on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook be on the look out today at 12pm (pacific time) for our first product give away! When you see the image bellow post be sure to enter! If you’re not following along, GET WITH IT!! The buttons are in our side bar. ====================>>>>>>>>
We’ll be handing out one of our Boho Statement Necklaces. A perfect piece for the Boho Summer wardrobe!

2nd Contest

In other news….
In the next couple of days you will see some changes happen, particularly with our URL (address.) We’ll be switching our store to be http://www.idyllwilddesigns.com and you will now find our blog at http://www.idyllwilddesignsblog.com. So, if you have us bookmarked you’ll be directed straight to our stores front page, but not to worry, we have a BLOG button right at the top of the page for you!

I’m off to the Garment District to pick out more lovelies for you!

XOXO Idyllwild